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Hawkins Embroidery Catches World Cup Fever!

Recently, one of our Seattle, Washington customers called with an urgent inquiry: could we produce a large number of embroidered patches for various World Cup 2010 team logos? The customer was still working on the artwork, but our contact told us that the order would total 3,000 embroidered patches, and that they would be required in only a few days.

The Hawkins team met, and decided to take on the assignment. We agreed to work around the clock if necessary; we would do whatever it took to make it happen. We began digitizing logos as soon as we received them from our customer.

Our customer provided us with a total of twenty-seven different patch designs. Most of the embroidered patches required ten to fifteen thousand stitches, and two steps to produce, including heat sealing for a proper finish.

The Hawkins Embroidery team worked throughout the night, and through the weekend prior to the start of the 2010 World Cup. We finished counting the finished items and our careful quality checks in time to ship the completed product to our customer on Tuesday as required, on time.

Our customer was thrilled with the result. They brought over pizzas to celebrate, and to thank us for the great job that we did for them. We have worked with this customer for over fifteen years. They know that we'll always do our best for them, and that "the impossible" is not too much to ask.

Hawkins Embroidery 2010 World Cup USA Patch
Hawkins Embroidery 2010 World Cup England Patch
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